Radio and Television fee in Switzerland – Is it mandatory to pay Serafe bill?

You just received a Radio and Television bill from Serafe AG and you don’t know what is it or if you have to pay it.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I am here to answer your questions.

What is Serafe bill? Radio and television bill

This bill is a mandatory bill that helps the public service to guarantee in all parts of the country that democracy and freedom of speech will be respected and strengthened. The entire country and all its inhabitants benefit from this.

Here is a map of Switzerland with all the posts that will benefit from this:

serafe bill help media channels

Is it mandatory to pay the Serafe bill?

Yes. All households in Switzerland are basically liable to pay the fee regardless of which radio and/or television programme services are consumed.

One fee must be paid per household. All adults in this household are jointly responsible for this fee.

 The possible methods of payment are :

  • E-bill
  • Direct debit procedure via bank account DDP)
  • Direct debit via PostFinance account (DD)
  • Paying-in slip (PS)

At this point, you might wonder what happens if you don’t pay the fee?

If the fee for a household is not paid, after unsuccessful reminders a prosecution will be initiated against one of the members of the household.

 How much does the radio and television fee cost?

a) For a private household CHF 335

b) For a collective household (Old-age and nursing homes, hostels, penal institutions, boarding schools, asylum accommodation, etc.) CHF 670

c) For businesses, a graduated system of tariffs applies

Where does your money go? Why do I have to pay?

The revenue from the fee, approximately CHF 1.37 billion annually, will be used to fund the radio/television programme services of the SSR SRG and for licensed commercial broadcasters (local radio stations and commercial television channels). In this way, the public service will be guaranteed in all parts of the country and democracy will be strengthened; the entire country and all its inhabitants will benefit.

Who is Serafe AG?

SERAFE AG is the Swiss collection agency for the radio and television fee and a subsidiary of the company Secon AG, which has its registered office in Fehraltorf in the canton of Zurich.

Conclusion Serafe Bill

In conclusion, you have to pay the Serafe bill once per year, which is the radio and television fee. Your tax will help to consolidate Switzerland’s democracy.

If you have any questions regarding this bill please leave a comment below.

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